Here are the answers to some questions we receive regularly. But if you need more information or have an unrelated question, don’t hesitate to call 209-353-3247!

What insurances do you accept? Or how much do the services there cost?

All of our services are FREE of charge! We do not require any form of insurance or any payment for any of the services offered.

Do you accept walk-ins?

While we do accept walk-ins, we recommend making an appointment to be sure you will be seen. Walk-in availability will always depend on appointments already booked and staffing capabilities. If our schedule is full, you can wait to see if the scheduled appointments actually show, or we can schedule you an appointment for another day.

What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

Our services are all free of charge, so we do not require any payment or any insurance. The only thing we ask that you bring is a form of photo ID so we can have a copy for your file. This is for privacy purposes to ensure that the only one accessing your information is you.

I’m experiencing cramping and spotting. Is that normal?

Spotting or light bleeding occurs in about 20% of pregnancies and is not necessarily something to be concerned about. You should wear a panty liner or a pad to keep an eye on the amount of bleeding, and if you are worried you should go to the emergency room or call your doctor for guidance.

Cramping and bleeding can be symptoms of a miscarriage, which occurs in 15-20% of pregnancies. If the bleeding and cramping intensify, again, please go to the emergency room or call your doctor.

For more information on causes for spotting or symptoms to be aware of, please read this article.

Do you accept donations?

Yes! We love receiving donations for our Bumps & Bows Boutique. Donations make up all of our goods that are available to expectant moms enrolled in our Incentive Program, and we appreciate our supportive community for thinking of us and our clients. Our boutique is currently stocked with clothing and blankets, but here’s a list of items that are picked up quickly and always in demand:

  • Formula

  • Cribs, Pack ‘n’ Plays, Bassinets

  • Baby swings

  • Strollers

  • Wipes

The only item we cannot accept is a used car seat (for liability reasons).