Your daughter might be pregnant, or maybe it’s your friend facing an unplanned pregnancy.

This probably was not the plan you had for her. but know this probably wasn’t her own plan, either. Take a moment to consider how scary this might be for her, and realize your influence is incredibly powerful. You have the power to provide support and encouragement that may be the beacon of light to her during an uncertain time in her life. So what can you do to provide support and be involved with her and the pregnancy?

  • Share your wisdom, especially if you’ve been pregnant before. Be honest with her about the struggles she may have, but don’t stop there with that conversation. Explore how you can help her overcome those obstacles, and ask her about the support she’s looking for.

  • Offer to attend pregnancy classes and her doctor appointments with her. You’ll forge a close bond as you learn about baby together, and it will give you both time to emotionally grow with the pregnancy.

  • Remain calm. Take a moment to breathe and collect your thoughts before you say something you can’t take back. You matter to her, your opinion matters to her, and you should use your influence gently.

  • Give her grace. This is the time when she needs it most.

  • Give yourself grace! You will be going on your own emotional journey with this pregnancy, so be kind to yourself.